Our award-winning service has protected over 1 million customers and their loved ones since 1994.

Professional and Timely

“I am so pleased with Monitronics. My system works excellently. I am so satisfied with your GREAT customer service. I spoke with Jodi and Juan today, and they both were very professional and timely. They were both so kind and very courteous. I left with the knowledge I needed and was given all of the consideration and respect required for great customer service. I will indeed recommend Monitronics to anyone I know looking for an alarm system. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience with your customer service representatives.”

Janet Wynn
Indianapolis, Indiana

We feel so much more secure

“We have been long-time customers and have enjoyed the professionalism and great service of Monitronics security for years! We don’t know what we’d do without it in a world that we all live in today that is so dangerous and unstable. But with Monitronics on the job, we feel so much more secure. We recently moved, and Mark – a Monitronics security professional tech – hooked us right up with everything we needed and then some. We are so satisfied and happy! We now have everything we need. We can come home at night and not have to worry about going to sleep at night, or having someone break in and do the “unthinkable,” or having no protection from our local police department. Thank you to our local police department, and thank you to Monitronics!”

Anthony Aliano
Portland, Oregon

We really love our alarm system

“I just wanted to say that we really love our alarm system! In July of 2013 there was a fire in our kitchen. The alarm system notified us that there was front and back door had been tampered with, we rushed home and found the kitchen on fire!”

Rosalina Ruiz

Severe weather alerts

“I am changing banks and needed to update to the new bank account for autopay. Victor took care of it! In addition, I wanted to say thanks to Monitronics for not only the “security” aspect of the system but the fact that, in recent bad weather with imminent tornadoes, my system even warned me of that! It is so greatly appreciated!.”

Franklin Stewart

Thank you, AlphaOne

“After having our alarm system monitored by ADT for the past 20 years, we were hesitant to switch alarm companies. Wow, are we glad we did! The whole experience, from the installation to the monitoring, has been great. The keypads we have had installed by Monitronics are awesome. It was well worth the change. Thank you, AlphaOne.”

Rick Velázquez

They protected her and my children

“One morning when I was leaving for work, I noticed a car circling the block and slowing in front of my house. I woke my wife before I left, and she contacted Monitronics. They stayed on the phone with her until the sheriff arrived. They protected her and my children from a possible intruder when I could not be there. They also have a great understanding that when I cook, I tend to set off the fire alarm. They always call to make sure all is well!”

Daniel Williams

Patient and cheerful while helping

“I called to update the phone number of the local constable, and CeCe in customer service was so nice and efficient. I asked for help with my online log-in and she was patient and cheerful while helping me with my password, re-doing a new password, updating my bill, and helping me test my system. She made it a pleasant experience, and I hung up with a good feeling.”

Ronda Kelly

So dependable, like family

“I have been a customer of Monitronics for over two years, and have fallen recently in my house and twice in the driveway. I am 83 now and considered changing to another company, but decided to stay with you all because you take care of my machine. Your service when I am down is so dependable, like family. It enables me to live alone and I am blessed to be in good hands at scary times like when I’m lying on the floor at 1:30 AM. The kindness of your employee staying and talking to me until the EMT came is appreciated. God bless you all!”

Clara Orr

Medical pendant response

“I have been a customer of Monitronics since 2009 and have been satisfied with their service. I recently set off my medical pendant and was not aware of it. The police came promptly to check on me. The next day Jessica from Monitronics called to check on me – I was very surprised but thankful.”

Themla E. Cravens

Consistency in Alarm Response

“I just wanted to congratulate you on your consistency in alarm response. Over the last 10 years, I have had several false alarms and one real incident. I have to say that I am impressed at the consistency of your operations center’s reaction time in notifying us of the incident. Thank you!”

Prasana Rohini
San Jose, California

True professional

“We had trouble with a bF symbol on our keypad. Andrew responded to our call for service on Saturday, October 11, 2014. He immediately diagnosed the problem, resolved it, and tested our alarm system thoroughly. He was a true professional. We will request this technician for any security issues in the future.”

Mark Levine

Professional and Courteous

“Hosea was very professional and courteous. He went over every aspect of the system. He thoroughly explained how to use the keypad, where to find different services, and how to arm and disarm the system. All aspects of the system were explained. I have already referred a friend who purchased a system with Monitronics and Alliance Security.”

Sylvia Hodge
Palm Bay, Florida

Best alarm company in the nation

“I wish to thank you and your representative for issuing me a credit in respect to an invoice. Your rep was very nice and listened to my reason for disputing the charges. Though she had to refer twice to her supervisor, she immediately allowed me a credit. I have been a customer since June 2006 and not once have I had a bad experience dealing with your company or your representatives. I am hard of hearing and many times I have asked to repeat more than twice to understand what he or she is saying. Not once have I experienced harshness or dislike in their voices and in their attitude. I am glad that I am dealing with one of the best alarm companies in the nation. My wife and I are old and sometimes cause false alarms. We always get a call from your company immediately, inquiring if everything is in order. It feels to us that there is “someone up there” who cares besides God.”

Kanti Patel

Monitronics definitely saved my life

“I suffered a stroke at 2 a.m. and fell down the entire flight of basement stairs. I was lying on the floor and pushed my medical alert pendant. I yelled to call my daughter. Monitronics contacted her along with the paramedics. If I didn’t have the medical alert, I would have laid on the floor until 5 p.m. that evening. Monitronics definitely saved my life.”

Rosa Hammonds

Courteous and professional

“I called Monitronics’ customer service hotline to order a yard sign and to update my phone number. I was assisted by Victor, who was very courteous and professional. We had a pleasant conversation, and he displayed empathy and professionalism beyond expectations. Those qualities are in danger of extinction in the customer service world. I have been a loyal Monitronics customer for over 10 years and have always had my needs met by professionals like Victor. I have recommended Monitronics to friends and co-workers because I want them to experience what this excellent company has to offer.”

Elizabeth Nunez

Calm and in control

“Last night, our house alarm went off just before 10 p.m. I knew that home break-ins had recently occurred in the neighborhood, and it was stressful to check out the house. I called and spoke with Kirk, who was calm and in control. He took charge and assured us he would stay on the line while the police were notified and on their way. Please send our personal thanks to Kirk and let him know we were so thankful that we reached him during this event.”

Monica Egan

I feel so secure

“I feel so secure that I can lay down at night and sleep and know someone is not going to come in my house and me not know it. I really do love it. thank you very much.”

Carol Rogers

Excellent customer service

“I have been with Monitronics for about 13years and can honestly say when I ever call in on a billing issue, technical issue they took care of the issue right away. I want to thank Pablo for taking the time to explain the problems that was going on in my account and bringing it up to date in charges. Also what makes an excellent customer service is when a person follows up with that customer. Pablo explains he will be in contact or he provided me with his number if I needed to contact him sooner. I have spoken to Pablo on multiple occasions where the automatic line keeps calling me, he took right away also had some concerns maybe some upgrades I also want to thank Chris for being honestly and giving me a excellent price on a package. Thank you Monitronics Team.”

Melonie Carlton