1How can I sign up to get a Brinks alarm system?
It’s never been easier to sign up for a 1 Stop home security alarm system. You can call 1 Stop’s sales team at (866) 307-1877.
2I’m moving into a new home and would like to sign up to get a Brinks alarm system. How does that work?
For new customers who are moving into a new home, 1 Stop offers complete home security packages starting at $39.99 per month. Each package includes a free wireless security panel with a full-color touch-screen interface ($675) plus free equipment, free installation and free extended service.
3How do I sign up to add another security system at a different location?
First, we’ll verify if your additional location is in a 1 Stop service area. If so, you will need to sign an additional Alarm Monitoring Agreement for the new installation. Monitoring rates and installation costs vary by location and situation. Please call 1 Stop for additional information.
4Can I get additional equipment for my system?
Yes. Additional equipment can be purchased from your Authorized Brinks Dealer at the time of installation or added later to meet your security needs. (Fees and restrictions may apply).
5Does my home need to be prewired for an alarm system?
No. Authorized Brinks Dealers can install both hardwired and wireless home security systems to meet your needs.
6What happens if I have an existing non-1 Stop Security system in my house?
1 Stop may be able to reprogram your existing system, as long as the previous homeowner is not contractually obligated with another alarm monitoring company. Depending on the panel type, your existing system may need to be replaced.
7Can I save money on my homeowners insurance by having an alarm system?
Yes, some insurance companies provide up to a 20% discount on your homeowners insurance by having a security system. Please check with your insurance company for more information.
8How does alarm monitoring work?
When you activate your security system, alarm monitoring is a 24-hour, 7-day protection service. When one of your alarm’s sensors is triggered by an event such as a break-in or environmental hazard, your alarm signals AlphaOne’s Alarm Response Center. A highly trained operator will activate emergency procedures, which include contacting you and dispatching emergency services.