Video Tutorials

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Use these brief videos to learn more about our award-winning alarm monitoring, affordable security solutions, and “smart home” technology. You’ll see why more than 1 million residential customers count on AlphaOne to protect and enhance their lives. A full list of our instructional videos can be found at our official YouTube page.

About Moni

Emergencies can happen at any time, and response makes all the difference between safety and tragedy. Effective home security and award-winning alarm monitoring from Moni can send help quickly if necessary. That’s why more than 1 million customers trust us for their security.

HomeTouch® Home Automation

HomeTouch® home automation is “smart home” technology that can help make your life simpler and safer, and it’s available now from Moni. You can control your security system and other important household functions, such as video, locks and lighting, all from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Monitored Home Security

There’s a reason why Moni is the nation’s second-largest residential monitoring security company. Professional installation by our skilled authorized dealers, coupled with around-the-clock monitoring by our Alarm Response Center, give you peace of mind that you can’t find on the shelf in a store.

Preventing False Alarms

It’s scary when your alarm goes off, but sometimes it’s a false alarm instead of a real emergency. Why do false alarms occur, and how can they be avoided? Here are some helpful tips to get the best response from your home security system with live monitoring from AlphaOne.

Home Security Equipment

Understanding how home security equipment works will help you make intelligent choices to protect your home and loved ones. We offer a new world of technology – including HomeTouch home automation – that will enhance your safety and bring your home to life.

Medical Alert & Medical Monitoring

As more Americans enter their golden years, AlphaOne medical alert and monitoring services can help seniors remain independent, safe and secure in their own homes around the clock. Caregivers can also have peace of mind knowing their loved ones can get help with the touch of a button.